Decorative Painted Finishes Interiors and Furniture
Jean Horihata Design is based in Los Angeles, CA. Jean has been gracing the homes of local residents and celebrities with her custom murals and finishes for over 20 years. The company creates custom high end finishes, stencils, trompe l'oeil murals, gilding, faux bois, chinoiserie, faux tile and antique/distressed finishes for interior/exterior surfaces and furnishings. The company’s work has been featured in Architectural Digest, Elle Décor, House Beautiful and Town and Country.

Founder Jean Horihata studied graphic design at the Academy of Art in San Francisco. Serendipitously, while attending her studies she was employed at an antique store where she became enthralled watching an artist transform ordinary walls into paneled wood walls with marble trim. This introduction to the age old art of faux finishing became a life long passion and she pursued her interest with further education at the Day Studio in San Francisco. She was a quick study and was soon hired to teach at the studio as well as private seminars over the next five years.

Jean has honed her craft over the subsequent years and is one of the masters of the art in the U.S. She works collaboratively with designers and clients to create inviting, personal spaces with her artwork.

Further portfolio samples are available upon request.